Camosun course could be axed
Victoria News

May 10, 2014
Staff A Camosun College program spawned by donations of secondhand cellphones to Africa is at risk of being discontinued due to cutbacks.

A calling for charity
The Martlet

March 27, 2014
Kevin Davis is a Camosun grad and current UVic student. He is also founder of Africa Calling, although he’d rather be known simply as "the cellphone guy."

Cast-off phones collected to serve people and planet
The Ring

March 24, 2014
A red "London-style" phone box is now stationed in the University of Victoria Student Union Building - the first of hopefully many drop off locations for the Africa Calling project.

Africa Calling phone donation program goes local
Nexus Newspaper

February 5, 2014
Africa Calling, the organization that started on Camosun College’s campuses, has come a long way since we last checked in with them. In fact, they’ve gone to Africa and back. But now the student-created charity is also reaching out to the local community.

Destination Africa
Chek 6 News
October 28, 2012
Chek 6 News reports on Africa Calling.

New social sciences class encourages positive change
Nexus Newspaper

October 26, 2012
Africa Calling, which started out as a class project at Camosun in January of 2011, has inspired a new social sciences class at the college while quickly growing into a not-for-profit organization aimed at delivering cell phones to rural villages.

Books for Africa program continues to evolve
BC Local News

October 10, 2012
When the Solon Foundation sends its shipment of books to Africa this year, there will be a few extra boxes inside the shipping container, but these boxes won’t be full of books. Instead, Funk is cooperating with a new movement to send used cellphones to Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Cell phones for Africa
Vancouver Courier

October 3, 2012
After hearing about a Camosun College organization called Africa Calling that's dedicated to collecting unused cellphones and chargers and distributing them to poor people in rural Africa, Killarney secondary school students and staff launched their own drive to help out.

Sending cell phones to Africa
The Daily Show
February 15, 2012
Shaw TV's The Daily Show reports on Africa Calling.


UBC joins Africa Calling
Nexus Newspaper

November 1, 2011
The University of BC has joined the Camosun College-grown non-profit organization Africa Calling. UBC joined after Camosun invited other Canadian postsecondary to get involved in the cause. Africa Calling has now made its first shipment of cellular phones to Africa and given away phones that can’t be used in Africa to local Canadian charitable organizations.

Used cell phones go to Africa
Nexus Newspaper

April 13, 2011
A class project to collect used cell phones to give to remote communities in Ghana has turned into a personal mission for Camosun sociology student Kevin Davis. Davis started the project, Africa Calling, along with five of his classmates at the beginning of March. Drop boxes have been located in five central locations, including the Camosun bookstores, and Davis estimates 500 phones have been donated so far.

Victorians' old phones provide lifeline for isolated villagers
Victoria News

March 28, 2011
When Camosun College's Lansdowne campus replaced 80 computers last year, Francis Adu-Febiri and his students raised $4,000 to ship the old machines to Berekum District, Ghana. Six of the Camosun College sociology professor's students are continuing his work this year, collecting old cell phones to send with Adu-Febiri on his next visit to Africa later this spring.